ZAFUL, Why Do I Have To Pay Tax?

ZAFUL, Why Do I Have To Pay Tax?

A part of ZAFUL reviews pointed out that some customers had been charged for tax. Why do we have to pay tax? When we shopping on local stores, we don’t have to pay for it.

In fact, this situation in which customers assume the import duty or sales tax can be read on ZAFUL shipping policy about tax. It clearly clarifies that all shipments from ZAFUL where is located in China are Delivery Duty Unpaid. Whether and how much you have to pay tax are all depend on the destination country. If any, the charges must be paid by yourself.



Then, you may ask why does not ZAFUL pay the tax?

Firstly, ZAFUL is a cheap fast fashion store. The prices of most items on ZAFUL are not more than 20 USD, if ZAFUL pay the tax for its customer, i don’t think it can afford it.

If ZAFUL insists to afford the tax, as a business, it have to improve the prices of its products. I don’t think its fair to other customers who are from some countries which don’t impose customer import duties.

Usually, when you shop from online store oversea, it conclude two kinds of tax. One is the sales tax (VAT), and the other is import duty. The amount of tax is up to the value of your goods and shipping fees. Additionally, it would not be high. But i still advice you to latch on the laws and practices concerned in your country.

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