ZAFUL Upgrades Payment System to Ensure Payment Security

ZAFUL Upgrades Payment System to Ensure Payment Security

Recently, ZAFUL’s technical team updated and improved the e-certificate of payment and checkout  and Secure Socket Layer (SSL), to achieve encrypted transmission users through the HTTP protocol to visit ZAFUL, to ensure  the integrity of the information encryption when customers do the payment, and the absolute security and confidentiality of the payment of information.

ZAFUL Operations Director Sara states: “Now when shopping with ZAFUL, customers can be more at ease than before. We promise we will not call any customer’s payment information, nor will any payment information leak out.”

In addition, the upgrade of this payment system also includes the payment method in different countries and regions.

instalments for Brazilian:

Brazilian love instalments, they hope almost items small to slippers and towels could be instalment. Do as the Romans do. ZAFUL allowed instalment for Brazilian, which can be divided into months instalment.


on the payment page of Spanish language site, ZAFUL attached manual of how to use PayPal.

Maria leaves reviews via mariamo****, “in Spain in addition to credit/savings card, the more common payment methods are 4B and EURO6000, PayPal in Spain is not common payment. there are some operations do not be understood by local people, so we hope ZAFUL can support the description “. To this end, ZAFUL attached the PayPal manual on the page of Spanish language site.


ZAFUL allows cash on delivery (COD)for customers in Arab.

“The COD is a widely used payment method in our Saudi Arabian region. many local e-retailers provider this payment method, and I do not have a credit card, but I do not have a credit card, so COD payment method is the most suitable method for me. ”  reviews from looomt**** ZAFUL now allows cash on delivery (COD)for customers in Arab.

Sara said: “At present, the payment method is still in the trial stage, if mature, ZAFUL will promote this method to more countries”


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