Zaful Set Up Photography Team

Zaful Set Up Photography Team

No scam, no fake advertisment, Zaful used its own pictures.

Zaful hired foreign models, set up a professional team of photographers that ensure by themselves the provenance of pictures of items or ads. You can check by yourself, open, and click on the category “dresses” for example, you will find directly that the picture is more real.


The model in this picture is one of the new zaful’s models, named Alena F. Her height is 175cm, and BWH are 84/58/88cm.

The purpose is to let the customers see a more realistic and detailed view of the clothes, also to help the customers to match their own clothing style. Zaful photographs different style with different model, so the customers can imagine if the product suitable for her before add to cart.

Zafuls Photography Team

Clients do expect a consistent level of quality in images, and Zaful is aware of this concern. Some news report scam ads on facebook, and one is Zaful. To prove Zaful is not scam, and ensure the consistency of picture and product, Zaful invests 200,000 – 300,000 USD per month for this new project. Specifically in established professional media photographers teams both in China and Australia: Zaful has recently added 10 experienced photographers to their team, developed 8 fully-resourced and equipped photo studios, and hired a number of foreign models.

foreign models

By 2017, Zaful expects to have in place a 100% quality assurance model – meaning that all of Zaful products will be inspected by Zaful company before shipping. In addition, Zaful will also move to an in-house advertising model, in which all the photographs will be take by Zaful itself before putting them up for sale, to ensure the photos accurately depict the products.

foreign models2

The chart below shows Zaful’s shooting process. When a new product intended to hit the shelves,Zaful’s Planning Group makes a shooting plan, then do it as the plan. This series of rigorous steps are Zaful order to give everyone present version of the product shipped to the efforts.

Zaful’s shooting process

Zafuls model

At last, let’s show you three models, they are popular models hired by Zaful. Please tell me who is the ZAFUL Ambassador in your mind. You could leave her name on the comment, there is a surprise waiting for you.

three models

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