Zaful Reviews|Zaful Complaints And What Customers Love It

Zaful Reviews|Zaful Complaints And What Customers Love It

Intro: what you need to know about

Zaful is a online store mainly offers trendy fashion style appeals for women with competitive price. This summer, zaful’s swimwear became hot seller. Why did customers love zaful’s swimwear? Because of its quality, style and price.

Real Zaful reviews

All the following reviews from real customer reviews for the Pineapple Print Double Wear Bikini Set. Also there are some customer reviews on the third-part reviews site. But i don’t know it truth, zaful reviews on give a rating of 9.01/10 to zaful, but the amount of positive zaful reviews on is just half among all, so i will not talk about it here.review3review2 review1

Customer complaints for zaful and zafuls cons

The development of every company is accompanied with negative reviews and positive reviews. It’s same to zaful. In addition to what customers love, there have customer complaints for zaful.

We’ve get the feedback of customers reviews from zaful customer service, and laid out 2 key points that customer complaints most for zaful: size and track

Zaful complaints of size

Zaful has the courage to face customer complaints, zaful collected customers reviews, one of zaful complaints is the size problem. A customer review: “I dress in size M, in Italy and everywhere in Europe. It is the first time that the cloth are too small. In Italy my size is 42-44. I order one dress in L size but it is still small.”

What zaful do to solve this kind of customer complaints? ZAFUL refresh every size chart, add size conversion chart besides it, and advice customers to check the handy sizes guides on every product page. Because zaful’s products supplied by different suppliers, some zaful’s size charts are different from each other. That is maybe why some customer complain that i order one dress in L size but it still small. post an article “How to Find Your Size on ZAFUL”, want to choose right size on zaful? Read it.


Zaful complaints of tracking order.

One customer review: i did not receive my parcel, how to track? Usually you could enter to your zaful account and find information of delivery in “My Order”. Also zaful will send you a email with shipping information if your order has been shipped out. Full details on zafuls shipping info page

Important notes: it’s usually take 3-7 business days to ship your order out, and this is not included in the shipping time.

The image of Shipping rates about zaful.comshipping

No matter complaints or positive reviews about zaful, we could see that zaful is trying her hard to improve customer experience. Agree with my points in my article “Zaful reviews|zaful complaints and what customers love it”? If you do or not, leave messages to and let me know will be encouraged.

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