ZAFUL Model Stats

ZAFUL Model Stats

Size issue was a big piont of customer complaints before, the same is true for other e-commerce websites. It is difficult to determine the size for online fashion buyers, which is one problems e-shoppers worried. To help consumers choose the right size, after adding the ZAFUL reviews and buyer show, ZAFUL start a new round of optimization. Publishing model information is one of the optimization project. ZAFUL’s sister sites, Rosegal which is focused on vintage styles and affordable price, and Sammydress which is famous for low prices and multiply choices, also make this new feature Model Stats to be true.

  1. First of all, before all the model information are showed on ZAFUL, ZAFUL get the permission of model themselves, Z model stats was displayed under ZAFUL sizes guides in the area of product information.


  1. With using the function of ZAFUL sizes guides, users can check the data of model’s BWH, weight (Height, Bust, Waist, Hip, Shoulder) and the size of the product model dressed to estimate customers’own product size, to avoid choosing wrong size.
  2. Model stats published model photos and body information is not only can help customers to choose the right size when shopping on ZAFUL, rosegal and sammydress, but also to dispel the doubts in minds of customers for stealing pictures.
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