ZAFUL launched the Arabic site

ZAFUL launched the Arabic site

ZAFUL 2017 goal is to establish an international high-profile young women’s fashion brand. following the French site( launched on Sept, 2016. the Spanish site ( launched on Jan, 2017. for the Middle East, this month, ZAFUL open the Arabic station(, in the development of globalization Take a step forward.

Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia is the population of the Arabic-speaking countries (Wikipedia:, these countries in the ZAFUL national income ranked top 10 position, Israel ranked 8. The opening of the Arabic site enhances the local user’s shopping experience. In addition to the open Arabic website, ZAFUL to open up the Arabic market, will also pay, logistics and other aspects of the local characteristics.

Pay for localization

ZAFUL offered cash on delivery in Arabic station, powered by BIT Co.

Product for localization

Due to cultural background and religious beliefs, Arabic customers will have different dress requirements with Western countries, and in this regard ZAFUL Arabic operation and management also realized that “the product will be sold in the United States in front of Arabic customers, is Not practical, we have to be based on customer needs, to design, to customize the suit in accordance with the Arabic customer clothing products .ZAFUL is the formation of the Arab clothing research and development team, will be in the Arabic station shelves, please pay attention, “Leo, ZAFUL Chief operating officer said

Transport for localization

ZAFUL has been delivered worldwide at the transport terminal. In the Arab countries, ZAFUL provides DHL, UPS and other fast and convenient means of transport, the goods on time and delivery of goods to the customer’s hands. (If the customer wants to be faster and more secure way of logistics, we recommend the choice of express way, please check the page when the express delivery)

Localization of Promotions

ZAFUL will also launch a series of local activities, in the important holiday time to bring more surprises to the Arab customers.

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