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When you receive the order form Zaful and the size does not fit. What can you do and what can not you do?


The thing you can not do is to return the order without contacting our after sale team.


Some customers return the order to the address on the package when she receives order and the size does not fit. Unfortunately, the address printed on the package is not our returning address.


All the products on are made in China and shipped from China. As it is international shipping, some packages are transferred during the shipment. The address left on the package will be also changed from our original address. That is why the address you got is not our correct return shipping address.


What do you need to do in this case?

You need to contact the Zaful after sale team first for the return RMA authorization form and the shipping label.

Sign in your zaful account, then you can submit the ticket on our website

Just choose question type”Warranty & Return” -”wrong size/ wrong product”. Then, fill your order number and SKU item number. In the subject bar, you can type “wrong size”. In the message bar, you can describe more details of your order. If you want to show the picture for the items you have received, you can take a photo and attach it in the attachment. Finally, fill your first name, Last name, email, and Captcha. Then, click the button “submit”, it will generate a ticket number on our ticket system. Our after sale team will respond your ticket within 24 hours, offering you the return shipping label. You can inform us of what size you want to exchange for each item, once we receive the return package, we will resend the other size for you.



If you do not know how to submit the ticket on our website, you can send an email to our support center directly to Please just offer us the details and your order number in this email. Our after sale colleague will respond your email with 24 hours, offering you the return shipping label.


We always hear some customer say that we have already sent an email to your support center, but we got no response. In this case, we suggest you to check your drunk/spam email, or you can sign in your Zaful account to check the ticket history.


If you are not good at computer or you are not willing to send the email to us, you can go to our Livechat. Please check this link Then press the button “Start Livechat” Then you will see a small window pop that pops up and asks you to fill your name email and the question type. Even though our Livechat is mainly to deal with the pre-sale issue. If you do not want to submit the ticket, they will inform the aftersale team to email you after hearing your issue.

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