ZAFUL Reviews| ZAFUL Customer Service-Phone Number Contact

ZAFUL Reviews| ZAFUL Customer Service-Phone Number Contact

This article will analyze ZAFUL telephone policy and help you contact ZAFUL customer service easily.

ZAFUL Reviews: Notice The Fees Of Your Calling

First notice besides ZAFUL phone number is “USA customers”. Does it mean customers from other countries can’t call it? No, It means it’s a USA phone number, and free for USA customers. If you are from other countries, you can call it, but will be charged for the calling. So i advice you to contact ZAFUL customer service via support

ZAFUL Reviews: Notice The Time When You Call ZAFUL

The second notice is time zone. ZAFUL stated that their telephone is work at 07:30-18:00(UTC+8) . It’s not American time or other countries time which are not in UTC+8. UTC is Coordinated Universal Time. different countries or regions in different time zone. UTC+8 means 8 hours faster than the standard time. UTC-8 means 8 hours slower than the standard time. Take USA for a example. The following image is a part of USA time zone chart, more chart will checked on google. There is no state in UTC+8 time zone. If we call ZAFUL at 7:30 in USA time zone, we may not contact them.offset

Then, When Is The Right Time To Call ZAFUL?

Take Atlantic for a example, Its time zone is UTC-4.



So, if you are in Atlantic and want to call ZAFUL telephone, the right time is from 19:30 to next day of 6:00. More tips to shop on ZAFUL will be found on

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