How To Track My Order? How To Track My Order?

“where is my order? scam?”, “Why can’t I track my order? is it safe?”, “How to track my order?”. Have you been gone through the feeling that waiting for something while getting nothing? For, how to track order efficiently and effectively as well as follow up easily are an extremely significant subject to dig out.

If I were a customer on, I do care for tracking issue and am much concerned about where my package locates. Consequently, we are about to seek out “order tracking” issue for


Which carrier will deliver the packages?

Customers on Zaful now enjoy free standard shipping for each order over 30USD. Zaful offers 2 kinds of shipping methods for customers, as we can see below(

Standard Shipping:

8-15 business days to reach by International Bridge, Great Britain Express, etc;

10-25 business days to be arrived by Belgium post, Netherlands Post, etc;

Expedited shipping:

6-10 business days to get the package by DHL.

zaful shipping

How to track an order?

Once you place an order, customers will receive an email about shipping information from Zaful, which including tracking number, tracking site, shipping method, shipping date and estimated delivery time.

Customers just need to click the tracking link, fill the tracking number in the blank, submit to track, and they will scan the specific tracking result clearly—date, the status of package, location, etc.

Obstacles of order tracking

“Why can’t I track my order?”, “Why doesn’t the tracking information update yet?” These inquiries are asked frequently.

  1. Normal delay. There may be a delay between scanning events and the website’s updates. Once the package was shipped out, the tracking status will take a few days to be updated online by the shipper. Therefore, we can hold on for a few more days and try again later.
  2. Custom clearance. Zaful is located in China, all packages will be processed via custom, occasionally, the packages would be in a strict custom inspection which brings about a delayed delivery unavoidably.
  3. Out-of-control factors, such as Post Office strike, Custom Exercise, carrier system was broken, cold and snowy weather, etc. If something comes up—and it inevitably does—then we have to accept and understand that.

Ending words, as a leading fashion online store, is sparing no efforts to serve for customers, especially the part of order tracking. I really appreciate Zaful’s principle—being responsible for customers’ parcels. Customers perhaps will concern about what if the package lost on the way. In terms of the solution, Zaful offers a refund for customers. As far as I am concerned, I am willing to trust a website which takes customers’ problems seriously, no matter what pre-sale or after-sale issue. Tracking order is important, it seems that Zaful is making a good job of it.

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20 thoughts on “ How To Track My Order?”

  • Hello, I ordered a swimsuit with you guys on June 7th and still have not received a shipping confirmation or anything of that matter on my order. I tried emailing you guys but the email did not go through. My order number is UL1906071332218174

    • U1906121729598432 isn’t tracking number, we have messaged you regarding your issue. Please kindly login to your account and reply to us there.

  • Hello my order number UL1812050721498062. PLEASE LET ME KNOW THE STATUS AND HOW TO TRACK IT.



  • I ordered on July 4th 2018 and my tracking numbers are IB15306681031011 and IB15304947001203 but when tracking my packages I do not see who my carriers are and I dont want it to be one that does not do door to door delivery in my area like USPS. it will go to the post office and then i will not receive it and it will be sent back ti seller. Please i would prefer to have it delivered to my address provided by UPS.

    • We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.The shipping method is America Line(IB). The package was now on the way to the destination country.You can track on this link:

      If there are any additional problems and further queries, please feel free to contact us again.

      • I have not received my package and when i tracked it the packages arrived in my says undeliverable to address and does not say where it is currently located. whether it is the post office or what. It was undeliverable to 815H Caroline Court, Corolla, NC 27927. Traclking number is IB15304947001203. I really do not want my package to be sent back to the seller all the way in China because i have been waiting too long for it. The other package status says out for delivery in my state Corolla NC 27927 and the pick up is available but it does not state pick up from where. i went to the post office twice and the tracking number is useless. that i don’t understand because i have been tracking both packages with those two numbers. The other number is IB15306681031011. Where are my packages? the last carrier was USPS and they both are in my state Corolla NC 27927. One undeliverble and one saying out for delivery with the pick up icon. I used American Line to track them both. Please i need URGENT assistance because i really need my packages and I do not want them to be returned to China. Thank you.

  • Hello, I’m from Germany. I ordered two bikinis and two clothes , and only three has been send yet, I want to know if the last Bikini one is going to get here in another package.

    Order number : UAA1801310809550327




  • Order Number:UA1709150204545120
    Shipping Number:LX489145075CN
    Tracking Number:LX515263188CN
    My Part order got sent out in the 5th October!
    Been trying to track it and I can’t!
    It’s been 4wks ! Which is along time especially as it’s a part order! Really needed this bikini for a holiday which I’m going away 2morrow!
    Can u find out where it is plse !

  • Hello, I’m from Argentina. I ordered three bikinis and only two has been send yet, I want to know if the third one is going to get here in another package.
    And I wanna know with which carrier will deliver the package, in the email that has been send to me doesn’t says it.
    My order numer is U1709191928195446.

  • hello, I ordered my jacket and I already paid with my credit card (worldpay) but I couldnt receive any email. is this normal?
    my order number is UB1709121804273688

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