How to check my logistics information?

Zaful has nearly 300 kinds of logistics for all countries around the world. We focus and cares a lot about package delivery & tracking problems. In our previous article: “How to track my order in”  We introduced some of the logistic rules and ways to track your orders. Lots of customers message us afterward, asking why logistics information could not be found after receiving her/his order E-mail. Here we are going to introduce several common logistic methods in Zaful and all query address.

* First of all, we need to emphasize that while choosing “Shipping Methods”, the system will estimate when the package will possibly arrive.Yes, we can only estimate the delivery time, but could not guarantee. On the other hand, some customers complain about the package did not arrive on time as indicated on the website, we are feeling very sorry, it’s because Zaful is sending parcels by cooperating with different courier companies. Sometimes these companies will be affected by horrible weather, festivals and so on, slowing down the package delivery progress.

Based on the customer experience, Zaful has stopped cooperating with some courier company which is not good enough. In the future, Zaful will keep optimizing aspects of logistics.


Several logistics methods and query address:

* 17track is a comprehensive logistics query website, there are more than 30 languages, most of the logistics information can be checked from here. You only need to fill in the logistics box logistics number, you can easily access the logistics information.

17track is a comprehensive logistics query website, there are more than 30 languages, most logistics information can be checked from here. Fill in your tracking number and easily grant access to the logistics information of your package.


Express Shipping Way

In order to allow customers receive their products faster, Zaful website set an express shipping method ( Orders over $ 99 can be obtained this option for free in some countries), when customers choose this shipping method, Zaful will match the best logistics way based on customers country.

The most common used logistics methods and inquiries are:



*Australia post Registered:





Standard Shipping

If you do not want to spend extra money on delivery or no in a hurry to receive the parcel, you can choose Standard Shipping. Similarly, Zaful will match the best way of logistics based on your country, but these logistics methods are “Slow” or “medium”.

Zaful mainly used logistics methods and query website:


*E Post:

*Kerry Priority Mail:

*Aramex Priority Mail:

*Correos Line:

*Italy Priority Mail:

*British Priority Mail:

*French Priority Mail:

*Netherlands Post Registered DDP:

*Ukraine Priority Mail:


*Germany Priority Mail:

*America Line(IB):

If you are not sure about the tracking number, check out the 17track query or ask our customer service ( If you want to know more ways to query the logistics, you can send us a message.

For more information about Zaful shopping and Zaful review, please visit If you have any questions about Zaful, please leave a message in the comments below.





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