Why is my Zaful order split into multiple parcels for delivery?

Why is my Zaful order split into multiple parcels for delivery?

When you are shopping in Zaful, you might have such experience: Buying 3~4 products within one order but receiving them in two separated parcels. Some customers were very angry when they receive the first parcel, thinking that Zaful scammed them by only sending half of their order. In fact, his/her parcel was split into two parcels and the second one arrived later.

Why does Zaful sometimes split the order into multiple parcels?

* Some of the products in your package are in the process of restocking.

Zaful has thousands of products, each product will have limited stock, Zaful will generally assign products to different orders by order priority. If the product you chose is too popular, Zaful needs to contact the supplier for restocking. If the restock progress takes too long, Zaful will separate the package and ship you the products with sufficient stock first, so you will be able to receive your ordered products in a short time (At least some of them). When your order has been separated and shipped, Zaful will send an email to your mailbox, informing you that the package has been divided, including the logistics information and what products the first package contains. So, after ordering in the Zaful, please check our Zaful email!



* The benefits of separating package

(1).You can receive the product which has sufficient stock in a short time, 2-3 days generally. If there is an out of stock product in your order, Zaful will separate the parcel to make sure you receive in-stock products as soon as possible.

(2) reduce the probability of paying taxes

In Zaful’s shopping policy, if transportation process encountered situations such as tariffs, it should be paid by the customer (For more details and info please check: (http://www.zafulreviews.com/zaful-why-do-i-have-to-pay-tax/), Zaful will not take responsibility of any tariffs. Dividing the package can reduce the weight of each package and lower the probability of tariffs while delivering through customs. Zaful will as well choose the best delivery method which has a lower probability to pay tax based on customer’s address.

How do I avoid my Zaful order being separate? 

If you do not want your Zaful order to be separated, you can contact the customer service after ordering.  Customer service will help you adjust the order to “do not separate”  state. At the same time, you can also contact customer service for order inquiry. If you are familiar with your country’s logistics, you can communicate with customer service modify in time. For more information about Zaful shopping and Zaful review, please visit zafulreview.com. If you have any questions about


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