Why Did ZAFUL Change Its Contact Phone Number?

Why Did ZAFUL Change Its Contact Phone Number?

From Dec 2016, ZAFUL changed its contact phone number from previously 1-720-346-9332 to +(1)1-888-830-0888. Why?

For online shopping, customers generally worry that they can not contact customer service when they have after sale issue. As for the overseas e-commerce site shopping, time zone it located is difference from non-local companies which is convenient and quick contact customer service, it cause most customers worry about it. Recently, overseas affordable clothing business website ZAFUL try to solve the problem about which user most concerned, change its helpline service providers, modify the number, upgrade the service helpline system.

Why did ZAFUL upgrade the service helpline system?

With the increasing customers of ZAFUL, there are more and more pre-sales consulting and after-sales service, it needs to contact customer service more and more, but the previously contact phone number can not meet the multi-line access needs. To meet the needs, ZAFUL change its helpline service providers, is now choosing Toll free number which is a USA provider, support multi-line access. ZAFUL’s contact phone number was changed from 1 315 221 8558 to 1 888 320 8188. Also ZAFUL updated its Contact Us page with adding more details about contact phone service and be more user-friendly.

In addition to changing the number, what changes else can be made to facilitate user contact?

ZAFUL customer service team will select excellent customer service staffs, set up a special telephone service team.

And ZAFUL optimized voice mail services. If the contact phone is on busy, you can leave a voice message, ZAFULl customer service will reply you within 24 hours, but at present the reply service is still in the form of email.

Other oversea e-commerce shopping sites like Sammydress and Rosegal also changed their contact phone number to let the customer contact more easily.

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  • I have been attempting to reach zaful about my order, yet every time I call the phone just hangs up. I feel like I have been scammed. I have ordered almost $100 worth of clothes about 4 months ago and I haven’t received anything. I have been calling and calling requesting for a refunds but non of the phone numbers are legit. I’m beyond frustrated and I just want my money back.

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