What We Need Know About ZAFUL Size (Reviews)

What We Need Know About ZAFUL Size (Reviews)

ZAFUL, which is a e-commerce business, became famous for its stylish dress and hot sale swimwear. Along with this, the size issue became a big problem for ZAFUL. Some customers complain about ZAFUL’s clothing size especially swimwear size. This article will discuss getting the right size based on a press with ZAFUL design team. Many of us who new to fashion e-commerce are scared to jump in for fearing of getting the wrong size.

Customer Complaints For ZAFUL Size

Due to ZAFUL products are mainly purchased from China, its product size are usually smaller than US size or EU size. And ZAFUL products have different sizes because they are supplied by different vendors. So, customer complaints for ZAFUL size will be more than other local e-commerce sites.zaful

ZAFUL reviews: What We Need Know About ZAFUL Size Chart

The styles and prices of ZAFUL product are so attractive, although there are many negative reviews and complaints for ZAFUL size, customers still love to shop on ZAFUL. But we also often wonder what a specific size means, where are the boundaries for a small, medium, large, XL, etc. To avoid choosing the wrong size, consumers should look at ZAFUL size chart on each product carefully. Before we add a product to bag, we will see a product description firstly, under it is ZAFUL size chart. We are encouraged to measure the BWH of ourselves based on the size chart whether you are ensure or unsure, this will let you get the right size on ZAFUL. If a product on ZAFUL has no size listed that means there is only one size available, often being a medium, but don’t forget that ZAFUL’s products have different size chart, so, even i said ZAFUL one size is usually means a medium size, you still have to check on its size chart, and measure your BWH.

The size guide of ZAFUL product 1:the-size-guide-of-zaful-product-1

The size guide of ZAFUL product 2:the-size-guide-of-zaful-product-2

What ZAFUL Did To Solve Customer Complaints For Size

Another reviews or complaints for ZAFUL that comes up is we don’t know how to convert the Chinese size to our country size. Take a United States small dress for example, that is often considered a medium even large size in China. Take customer reviews and complaints into consider, ZAFUL optimize its size guide, provide two size chart for customers, one is inches and another one is centimeters, in addition, ZAFUL added the size conversion chart besides size chart for reference. All we need is a measuring tape and measure yourself.

ZAFUL size guides:size-guide

ZAFUL understands mistakes can still happen and customers may order the wrong sized product. If you are still unsure your size, contact ZAFUL customer service, in my article “How To Contact ZAFUL Customer Service”, i give a full information about it.

If you received a wrong size product and want to return or change it, i give a full information in my article “Return Or Exchange Is Not ZAFUL’s Problem

ZAFUL, SammyDress, and Rosegal are sister companies belong to Globalegrow. All of them are giving the customers the option to get the latest fashions at affordable prices. Consumers are encouraged to make sure they are ordering the right sizes on this 3 sites.

Pls leave your comments or reviews here. More information about ZAFUL will be posted on this ZAFUL reviews blog.

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