ZAFUL Review| The Truth About Whether ZAFUL Is a Scam Or Not

ZAFUL Review| The Truth About Whether ZAFUL Is a Scam Or Not

Who is ZAFUL? is a Chinese clothing store which shipped to all over the world. It’s focused on vintage clothing, orient clothing and other fashion styles. It’s not a famous company, it came not much info when i search ZAFUL reviews on google.

When we shopping online, we may worried whether a store is safe. If the store looks so good with low price out of our imagination, it’s hard for us to ensure its truth. Yes, will talk about ZAFUL looks too good to be truth. is ZAFUL legit? or is ZAFUL a scam?zaful

ZAFUL reviews, a site just posted negative reviews, saying ZAFUL is a scam. Is ZAFUL a scam? The site also said that Amazon and eBay are scams. But enter”rifpoff report reviews” on, most negative reviews about ripoff report showed to me. I don’t want to take a deep analysis the truth about, i just insist that, i will not take it’s information of reviews to do analysis on my article. is a professional reviews site allowed customers leave reviews. Is ZAFUL a scam? Maybe not, ZAFUL get a rating of 9.03/10 .Over one hundred people leave ZAFUL reviews a 5 stars on resellerratings.

The score of ZAFUL on sitejabber is a little less. Just get passing score based on customer reviews. Is ZAFUL a scam? No, even with such less scores, there are still many positive ZAFUL reviews on

ZAFUL’s customer service staff followed the third-part of reviews sites and resolve customer complaints for ZAFUL. But you should leaving your complaints for ZAFUL on ZAFUL official website, it’s the most efficient to solve your problems.

Scam means fraud or steal money of customers. Is ZAFUL a scam? No, it’s just not a perfect store, not a scam. And ZAFUL do something to improve itself. More information about this discussion will be found in other articles on

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3 thoughts on “ZAFUL Review| The Truth About Whether ZAFUL Is a Scam Or Not”

  • They just stole 200$ from me so yeah, I’m pissed. Never in my life heard of this place or ever bought anything for them and definitely never will now. I’m getting my money back and hope they go to jail!

  • NOT A SCAM. I have shopped a few times from zaful recently. From the first time I ordered swim suits one of them didn’t fit I requested a change of size and the customer care immediately responded to me sending me the right size without me sending the other one as a courtesy. It is a great store to buy cheap and nice clothes.

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