The Notice Of Order Delay From ZAFUL

The Notice Of Order Delay From ZAFUL

As the Christmas shopping season in December led to a big increase in orders and the special circumstances of many countries lead to  logistics and transport problems, order delay will happened in some regions, ZAFUL informs the info about delays around, and apologize to customers whose orders have not yet to them.


International Shipping Service Alerts


  • United States, 12thDecember

Recently, due to the northern United States and the central western regions faced plain mixed snow and ice storms, the Chicago airport canceled more than 1,200 flights. Many high-speed sections are temporarily closed. As a result, orders destined for the zone will be delayed to varying degrees.

  • India, 12th December

Due to the hurricane “Wada” landing in Chennai, India, orders shipped or transited to this region will be delayed.

  • United Kingdom, 16th December

The UK Post Plans to close more than 60 post offices, which  is leading to unemployment and pension issues, so the postal staff started a five-day strike from 19th December, when the orders shipped or transited to the UK was be delayed.

  • Thailand, 16th December

Due to heavy rain and floods, recently, the orders shipped or transited to Thailand will be delayed. Orders with the following ZIP codes are damaged by floods in different degrees:

77xxx,80xxx,84xxx,85xxx,86xxx,90xxx,92xxx,93xxx,94xxx and 96xxx

  • Netherlands

Since January 1,2017, orders shipped to Netherlands with the shipping methods of aire mail or registered flat rate will have no function of order status tracking, only the information of orders with EMS express service could be tracked on internet.

  • the European Customs, 16th December

Recently, the customs value of goods will be reviewed by the European customs seriously. if your orders are seized by customs due to the low declaration issue, the customs authorities will be able to charge the recipient 150 euros /ticket or more fine.

  • Spain, 20thDecember

The Spanish Post informed that the east coast of Spain is experiencing floods. As a result, some roads are closed and some areas are difficult to be accessed. In some locations, the army is assisting evacuation and rescue efforts. According to the weather forecast, in the next few hours, the storm will close to the Balearic Islands, as a result, orders’ delivery and collection will be severely affected in all of the following ways:03590, 03599, 03710, 03140, 03149, 03300, 03311, 03312, 03313, 03315, 03316, 03318, 03321, 03322, 03189, 03193, 03317, 03325, 03190, 03191, 03182, 03183, 03188, 03180, 03181, 03184, 03185, 03186, 30330, 30390, 30395, 30593, 30594, 30200, 30201, 30202, 30203, 30350, 30351, 30353, 30392, 30399, 30320, 30329,30331, 30332, 30333, 30334, 30335, 30338, 30860, 30868, 30870, 30875, 30876, 30877, 30878, 30879, 30590, 30591, 30592, 30720, 30730, 30739, 30740, 30700, 30708, 30709, 46670, 46843, 46844, 46860, 46868, 46869,, 46890, 46891, 46910, 46870, 46192, 46193, 46194, 46900, 46901, 46909.


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