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Dec 7. 2016, ZAFUL changed its helpline number from 1-720-346-9332 to +(1)-888-830-0888

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ZAFUL blog Black Friday Giveaway- BLACK JACK 24!

ZAFUL blog Black Friday Giveaway- BLACK JACK 24!

November 24th, 2017 is definitely a day worth to celebrate. It’s the Zaful Black Friday! In order to remind you that this blog is still functioning. We prepared a Black Friday Giveaway for you all. The rules are simple: 1) Leave a number between “1~20” in the comment […]

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Up to $100 off! Zaful Double 11 sale!

Up to $100 off! Zaful Double 11 sale!

Zaful Double 11 is here!  One of the biggest e-commerce annual event. The greatest shopping festival of all time! To celebrate Double 11, we prepared the “Zaful Double 11 sale” for all fashion shoppers around the globe. Countless goods in breakdown prices and with free shipping […]

Share With Your Friends: How to check my logistics information?

Zaful has nearly 300 kinds of logistics for all countries around the world. We focus and cares a lot about package delivery & tracking problems. In our previous article: “How to track my order in”  We introduced some of the logistic rules and ways to track your orders. Lots of customers message us afterward, asking why logistics information could not be found after receiving her/his order E-mail. Here we are going to introduce several common logistic methods in Zaful and all query address.

* First of all, we need to emphasize that while choosing “Shipping Methods”, the system will estimate when the package will possibly arrive.Yes, we can only estimate the delivery time, but could not guarantee. On the other hand, some customers complain about the package did not arrive on time as indicated on the website, we are feeling very sorry, it’s because Zaful is sending parcels by cooperating with different courier companies. Sometimes these companies will be affected by horrible weather, festivals and so on, slowing down the package delivery progress.

Based on the customer experience, Zaful has stopped cooperating with some courier company which is not good enough. In the future, Zaful will keep optimizing aspects of logistics.


Several logistics methods and query address:

* 17track is a comprehensive logistics query website, there are more than 30 languages, most of the logistics information can be checked from here. You only need to fill in the logistics box logistics number, you can easily access the logistics information.

17track is a comprehensive logistics query website, there are more than 30 languages, most logistics information can be checked from here. Fill in your tracking number and easily grant access to the logistics information of your package.


Express Shipping Way

In order to allow customers receive their products faster, Zaful website set an express shipping method ( Orders over $ 99 can be obtained this option for free in some countries), when customers choose this shipping method, Zaful will match the best logistics way based on customers country.

The most common used logistics methods and inquiries are:



*Australia post Registered:





Standard Shipping

If you do not want to spend extra money on delivery or no in a hurry to receive the parcel, you can choose Standard Shipping. Similarly, Zaful will match the best way of logistics based on your country, but these logistics methods are “Slow” or “medium”.

Zaful mainly used logistics methods and query website:


*E Post:

*Kerry Priority Mail:

*Aramex Priority Mail:

*Correos Line:

*Italy Priority Mail:

*British Priority Mail:

*French Priority Mail:

*Netherlands Post Registered DDP:

*Ukraine Priority Mail:


*Germany Priority Mail:

*America Line(IB):

If you are not sure about the tracking number, check out the 17track query or ask our customer service ( If you want to know more ways to query the logistics, you can send us a message.

For more information about Zaful shopping and Zaful review, please visit If you have any questions about Zaful, please leave a message in the comments below.





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Why is my Zaful order split into multiple parcels for delivery?

Why is my Zaful order split into multiple parcels for delivery?

When you are shopping in Zaful, you might have such experience: Buying 3~4 products within one order but receiving them in two separated parcels. Some customers were very angry when they receive the first parcel, thinking that Zaful scammed them by only sending half of their order. In fact, his/her […]

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How to properly save leather clothes? There is some tricks you should not miss!

Suddenly the autumn wind starts to blow hard, It’s frozen! It is said that many cities have ushered in the early snow, the jacket and short sleeves will be the best for your fashion and health. What is better than a warm and nice look […]

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Most practical for Autumn, select your jeans now

Shorts have been thrown into the bottom of our box since the cold wind starts to blow, It’s the season of jeans. But how to wear this common product while having long legs and show our fashion taste?  Let us take a look.


Reveal ankle

On the one hand, shows more detail of the overall shape. On the other hand, expose some skin in an appropriate way can make your legs look thinner than fully covered. Remember! Those jeans with long piled covering the ankle should be kept in your wardrobe.

图片1Left                                                                Right

Like these short length jeans with a fresh and neat design, praising your legs in a perfect way. Suits very well with ankle boots.

The texture is great, make your legs look more straight. A little bit high waist, you can wear this every season eventually. It fits almost everything. No more trouble for clothes matching.


High waist! High waist!

Talking about high waist jeans, the ones which above your navel is the best choice to fit your long legs, but if you worry tight issues, choosing a medium rise one will be fine as well.


Zaful Red Sweater

Zaful Similar Jeans


Facing some of the evil low waist pants, we have to avoid them by any chance. Even you have the perfect proportion as a supermodel, putting on this low waist pants will instantly change your proportion from three-seven to five-five. Sitting down will expose you which is even worse.


Zaful Jeans


Open wide leg jeans with a simple design, high waist for longer legs looking. Matching with trousers to perform elegant and sexy, adding high heels or sports shoes makes it into a reckless fashion.


Pocket details!

Want to own sexy long legs back view? Pay attention! Maintain a good body size firstly. Second is the shape of the pants pocket! Choose your trousers pocket carefully, the position of the pocket should be a little higher, the size should be larger, the style should fit your full outfit. Creating a striking fashion is not that easy.


style is very important

Although it is the basic section of jeans, if they’re not fitting your body perfectly, your pants will look like something really cheap, the more terrible part is it will expose your shortcomings.


Zaful 4 Key Trends For Fall

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Zaful-How to return

When you receive the order form Zaful and the size does not fit. What can you do and what can not you do?   The thing you can not do is to return the order without contacting our after sale team.   Some customers return […]

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Zaful Reviews|Zaful Complaints And What Customers Love It

Zaful Reviews|Zaful Complaints And What Customers Love It

Intro: what you need to know about Zaful is a online store mainly offers trendy fashion style appeals for women with competitive price. This summer, zaful’s swimwear became hot seller. Why did customers love zaful’s swimwear? Because of its quality, style and price. Real […]

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Is Zaful Legit and Safe?

Is Zaful Legit and Safe?

Safety is a major concern for all of us. We always ask the same questions: Is it safe? Is this legit? Should I trust this website? Any time we surf and shop online, literally nothing is more important than these key concerns.

When buying something on, an online store that specializes in women’s fashion and apparel, we also worry about the site. Is Zaful a safe site to use? Can I trust them? Let’s find the answer.

When we first visit, the initial impression that stands out is the formal yet professional design. Looking deeper, it sells mainly bohemian clothing. That has always been my personal favorite style.zaful

Safety Certificate on

At the bottom of, we find that Zaful is certified as “secure” by the leading global online security firm “Norton”. Zaful is also a member of the Protection Program to ensure full copyright and intellectual property compliance. Looking deeper, we note that Zaful is also owned by a legally registered company, and has been for around 8 years.DMCA

Payment Security on

We wanted to take a closer look at the website security so we tested the payment process. We found that Zaful accepts 5 of the most popular and secure payment methods, including PayPal and credit cards. Personally, I usually make online orders with PayPal so it was reassuring to see Zaful provide this option because it’s safer, more convenient, with full buyer protection.Payment Security


Legal Window of

At the bottom of every page on, we noticed a Legal Window page. The purpose of this policy is clearly stated: to protect the associated IPR of all third parties as well as customers.Legal Window

Based on the above information, do you still harbor worries and concerns about the online safety of using Zaful? Maybe not. More information about this issue will be posted on

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Welcome To Zaful Reviews Blog!

Welcome To Zaful Reviews Blog!

Who is Zaful Reviews ? Zaful Reviews blog is the blog of It has a professional, dedicated team attempting to help you find the latest information about Buyer’s guide,latest promotions,or news about Zaful, what you want to know will all be find here. […]

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