ZAFUL Updated Phone Number

Dec 7. 2016, ZAFUL changed its helpline number from 1-720-346-9332 to +(1)-888-830-0888

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Zaful-How to return

When you receive the order form Zaful and the size does not fit. What can you do and what can not you do?   The thing you can not do is to return the order without contacting our after sale team.   Some customers return […]

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What We Need Know About ZAFUL Size (Reviews)

What We Need Know About ZAFUL Size (Reviews)

ZAFUL, which is a e-commerce business, became famous for its stylish dress and hot sale swimwear. Along with this, the size issue became a big problem for ZAFUL. Some customers complain about ZAFUL’s clothing size especially swimwear size. This article will discuss getting the right size based on […]

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ZAFUL Reviews| ZAFUL Customer Service-Phone Number Contact

ZAFUL Reviews| ZAFUL Customer Service-Phone Number Contact

This article will analyze ZAFUL telephone policy and help you contact ZAFUL customer service easily.

ZAFUL Reviews: Notice The Fees Of Your Calling

First notice besides ZAFUL phone number is “USA customers”. Does it mean customers from other countries can’t call it? No, It means it’s a USA phone number, and free for USA customers. If you are from other countries, you can call it, but will be charged for the calling. So i advice you to contact ZAFUL customer service via support

ZAFUL Reviews: Notice The Time When You Call ZAFUL

The second notice is time zone. ZAFUL stated that their telephone is work at 07:30-18:00(UTC+8) . It’s not American time or other countries time which are not in UTC+8. UTC is Coordinated Universal Time. different countries or regions in different time zone. UTC+8 means 8 hours faster than the standard time. UTC-8 means 8 hours slower than the standard time. Take USA for a example. The following image is a part of USA time zone chart, more chart will checked on google. There is no state in UTC+8 time zone. If we call ZAFUL at 7:30 in USA time zone, we may not contact them.offset

Then, When Is The Right Time To Call ZAFUL?

Take Atlantic for a example, Its time zone is UTC-4.



So, if you are in Atlantic and want to call ZAFUL telephone, the right time is from 19:30 to next day of 6:00. More tips to shop on ZAFUL will be found on

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