ZAFUL Updated Phone Number

Dec 7. 2016, ZAFUL changed its helpline number from 1-720-346-9332 to +(1)-888-830-0888

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Up to $100 off! Zaful Double 11 sale!

Up to $100 off! Zaful Double 11 sale!

Zaful Double 11 is here!  One of the biggest e-commerce annual event. The greatest shopping festival of all time! To celebrate Double 11, we prepared the “Zaful Double 11 sale” for all fashion shoppers around the globe. Countless goods in breakdown prices and with free shipping […]

Share With Your Friends: How to check my logistics information?

Zaful has nearly 300 kinds of logistics for all countries around the world. We focus and cares a lot about package delivery & tracking problems. In our previous article: “How to track my order in”  We introduced some of the logistic rules and ways […]

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Why is my Zaful order split into multiple parcels for delivery?

Why is my Zaful order split into multiple parcels for delivery?

When you are shopping in Zaful, you might have such experience: Buying 3~4 products within one order but receiving them in two separated parcels. Some customers were very angry when they receive the first parcel, thinking that Zaful scammed them by only sending half of their order. In fact, his/her parcel was split into two parcels and the second one arrived later.

Why does Zaful sometimes split the order into multiple parcels?

* Some of the products in your package are in the process of restocking.

Zaful has thousands of products, each product will have limited stock, Zaful will generally assign products to different orders by order priority. If the product you chose is too popular, Zaful needs to contact the supplier for restocking. If the restock progress takes too long, Zaful will separate the package and ship you the products with sufficient stock first, so you will be able to receive your ordered products in a short time (At least some of them). When your order has been separated and shipped, Zaful will send an email to your mailbox, informing you that the package has been divided, including the logistics information and what products the first package contains. So, after ordering in the Zaful, please check our Zaful email!



* The benefits of separating package

(1).You can receive the product which has sufficient stock in a short time, 2-3 days generally. If there is an out of stock product in your order, Zaful will separate the parcel to make sure you receive in-stock products as soon as possible.

(2) reduce the probability of paying taxes

In Zaful’s shopping policy, if transportation process encountered situations such as tariffs, it should be paid by the customer (For more details and info please check: (, Zaful will not take responsibility of any tariffs. Dividing the package can reduce the weight of each package and lower the probability of tariffs while delivering through customs. Zaful will as well choose the best delivery method which has a lower probability to pay tax based on customer’s address.

How do I avoid my Zaful order being separate? 

If you do not want your Zaful order to be separated, you can contact the customer service after ordering.  Customer service will help you adjust the order to “do not separate”  state. At the same time, you can also contact customer service for order inquiry. If you are familiar with your country’s logistics, you can communicate with customer service modify in time. For more information about Zaful shopping and Zaful review, please visit If you have any questions about


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How to properly save leather clothes? There is some tricks you should not miss!

Suddenly the autumn wind starts to blow hard, It’s frozen! It is said that many cities have ushered in the early snow, the jacket and short sleeves will be the best for your fashion and health. What is better than a warm and nice look […]

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Most practical for Autumn, select your jeans now

Shorts have been thrown into the bottom of our box since the cold wind starts to blow, It’s the season of jeans. But how to wear this common product while having long legs and show our fashion taste?  Let us take a look.   ① […]

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Zaful-How to return

When you receive the order form Zaful and the size does not fit. What can you do and what can not you do?


The thing you can not do is to return the order without contacting our after sale team.


Some customers return the order to the address on the package when she receives order and the size does not fit. Unfortunately, the address printed on the package is not our returning address.


All the products on are made in China and shipped from China. As it is international shipping, some packages are transferred during the shipment. The address left on the package will be also changed from our original address. That is why the address you got is not our correct return shipping address.


What do you need to do in this case?

You need to contact the Zaful after sale team first for the return RMA authorization form and the shipping label.

Sign in your zaful account, then you can submit the ticket on our website

Just choose question type”Warranty & Return” -”wrong size/ wrong product”. Then, fill your order number and SKU item number. In the subject bar, you can type “wrong size”. In the message bar, you can describe more details of your order. If you want to show the picture for the items you have received, you can take a photo and attach it in the attachment. Finally, fill your first name, Last name, email, and Captcha. Then, click the button “submit”, it will generate a ticket number on our ticket system. Our after sale team will respond your ticket within 24 hours, offering you the return shipping label. You can inform us of what size you want to exchange for each item, once we receive the return package, we will resend the other size for you.



If you do not know how to submit the ticket on our website, you can send an email to our support center directly to Please just offer us the details and your order number in this email. Our after sale colleague will respond your email with 24 hours, offering you the return shipping label.


We always hear some customer say that we have already sent an email to your support center, but we got no response. In this case, we suggest you to check your drunk/spam email, or you can sign in your Zaful account to check the ticket history.


If you are not good at computer or you are not willing to send the email to us, you can go to our Livechat. Please check this link Then press the button “Start Livechat” Then you will see a small window pop that pops up and asks you to fill your name email and the question type. Even though our Livechat is mainly to deal with the pre-sale issue. If you do not want to submit the ticket, they will inform the aftersale team to email you after hearing your issue.

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ZAFUL Reviews| ZAFUL Customer Service-Phone Number Contact

ZAFUL Reviews| ZAFUL Customer Service-Phone Number Contact

This article will analyze ZAFUL telephone policy and help you contact ZAFUL customer service easily. ZAFUL Reviews: Notice The Fees Of Your Calling First notice besides ZAFUL phone number is “USA customers”. Does it mean customers from other countries can’t call it? No, It means […]

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ZAFUL Review| The Truth About Whether ZAFUL Is a Scam Or Not

ZAFUL Review| The Truth About Whether ZAFUL Is a Scam Or Not

Who is ZAFUL? is a Chinese clothing store which shipped to all over the world. It’s focused on vintage clothing, orient clothing and other fashion styles. It’s not a famous company, it came not much info when i search ZAFUL reviews on google. When […]

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Zaful Reviews|Zaful Complaints And What Customers Love It

Zaful Reviews|Zaful Complaints And What Customers Love It

Intro: what you need to know about

Zaful is a online store mainly offers trendy fashion style appeals for women with competitive price. This summer, zaful’s swimwear became hot seller. Why did customers love zaful’s swimwear? Because of its quality, style and price.

Real Zaful reviews

All the following reviews from real customer reviews for the Pineapple Print Double Wear Bikini Set. Also there are some customer reviews on the third-part reviews site. But i don’t know it truth, zaful reviews on give a rating of 9.01/10 to zaful, but the amount of positive zaful reviews on is just half among all, so i will not talk about it here.review3review2 review1

Customer complaints for zaful and zafuls cons

The development of every company is accompanied with negative reviews and positive reviews. It’s same to zaful. In addition to what customers love, there have customer complaints for zaful.

We’ve get the feedback of customers reviews from zaful customer service, and laid out 2 key points that customer complaints most for zaful: size and track

Zaful complaints of size

Zaful has the courage to face customer complaints, zaful collected customers reviews, one of zaful complaints is the size problem. A customer review: “I dress in size M, in Italy and everywhere in Europe. It is the first time that the cloth are too small. In Italy my size is 42-44. I order one dress in L size but it is still small.”

What zaful do to solve this kind of customer complaints? ZAFUL refresh every size chart, add size conversion chart besides it, and advice customers to check the handy sizes guides on every product page. Because zaful’s products supplied by different suppliers, some zaful’s size charts are different from each other. That is maybe why some customer complain that i order one dress in L size but it still small. post an article “How to Find Your Size on ZAFUL”, want to choose right size on zaful? Read it.


Zaful complaints of tracking order.

One customer review: i did not receive my parcel, how to track? Usually you could enter to your zaful account and find information of delivery in “My Order”. Also zaful will send you a email with shipping information if your order has been shipped out. Full details on zafuls shipping info page

Important notes: it’s usually take 3-7 business days to ship your order out, and this is not included in the shipping time.

The image of Shipping rates about zaful.comshipping

No matter complaints or positive reviews about zaful, we could see that zaful is trying her hard to improve customer experience. Agree with my points in my article “Zaful reviews|zaful complaints and what customers love it”? If you do or not, leave messages to and let me know will be encouraged.

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