Most practical for Autumn, select your jeans now

Shorts have been thrown into the bottom of our box since the cold wind starts to blow, It’s the season of jeans. But how to wear this common product while having long legs and show our fashion taste?  Let us take a look.


Reveal ankle

On the one hand, shows more detail of the overall shape. On the other hand, expose some skin in an appropriate way can make your legs look thinner than fully covered. Remember! Those jeans with long piled covering the ankle should be kept in your wardrobe.

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Like these short length jeans with a fresh and neat design, praising your legs in a perfect way. Suits very well with ankle boots.

The texture is great, make your legs look more straight. A little bit high waist, you can wear this every season eventually. It fits almost everything. No more trouble for clothes matching.


High waist! High waist!

Talking about high waist jeans, the ones which above your navel is the best choice to fit your long legs, but if you worry tight issues, choosing a medium rise one will be fine as well.


Zaful Red Sweater

Zaful Similar Jeans


Facing some of the evil low waist pants, we have to avoid them by any chance. Even you have the perfect proportion as a supermodel, putting on this low waist pants will instantly change your proportion from three-seven to five-five. Sitting down will expose you which is even worse.


Zaful Jeans


Open wide leg jeans with a simple design, high waist for longer legs looking. Matching with trousers to perform elegant and sexy, adding high heels or sports shoes makes it into a reckless fashion.


Pocket details!

Want to own sexy long legs back view? Pay attention! Maintain a good body size firstly. Second is the shape of the pants pocket! Choose your trousers pocket carefully, the position of the pocket should be a little higher, the size should be larger, the style should fit your full outfit. Creating a striking fashion is not that easy.


style is very important

Although it is the basic section of jeans, if they’re not fitting your body perfectly, your pants will look like something really cheap, the more terrible part is it will expose your shortcomings.


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