How ZAFUL Certified The Quality Of Its Products?

How ZAFUL Certified The Quality Of Its Products?
  • How to define the product positioning of ZAFUL? What is its core competency?

ZAFUL mainly targets the fast fashion women clothing market with a mid-range price. ZAFUL’s prices, compared with the competitors, are 30% lower for identical quality products. Besides of this, ZAFUL provides a lower-than-average free shipping threshold. For instance, ZAFUL offers free shipping service for orders over $30, while the same service on other websites is generally over $50. Altogether, lower price and free-shipping threshold contribute greatly to ZAFUL’s core competency in e-commerce market.

  • Why ZAFUL’s price is cheaper than its competitors?

The answer is supply channel. ZAFUL has developed a direct commercial cooperation with its Chinese suppliers. Adjacent to a variety of its manufacturers, ZAFUL is able to make better choice and usage of its original resources. Moreover, taking advantage of this regional superiority, ZAFUL manage to get rid of middlemen, making the DIRECT-TO-CUSTOMER operation mode come true. Therefore, ZAFUL is able to provide its products at a lower price compared with its competitors.

  • How about the quality of Zaful’s product with such low price? How can ZAFUL ensure high Performance-to-Price Ratio(PPR)?

Made in China means high quality and low price. ZAFUL has a professional team in charge of the supervision of product management. By yourself, you can attest it with the 4 following aspects:

  1. How the product stylesare chosen?
  • ZAFUL has a professional market research team. They make a broadstatistics analysis and develop styles on the basis of customers’ feedback, as well as contemporary fashion trends.

Accordingly, if you want to find the new products on, there are two convenient ways. On one hand, you can simply click on the NEW ARRIVALS button at the top of each page. On the second hand, you can firstly head to a special category zone such as DRESSES by clicking on it, and then use the filter function “Sort By”to choose the option “New Arrivals”, which would lead you to ZAFUL’s new items.

New Arrivals

  1. How to conduct quality control (QC)?

ZAFUL’s quality control is mainly conducted according to the standard ISO9001, one of the toughest international quality standard, that makes the products certified good quality. In addition to QC, ZAFUL makes additional intern quality grading on its products.

The top quality products are displayed in the ZAFUL+ Premium Collection. The Zaful+ Premium Collection is located at the end of the menu NEW ARRIVALS, below the sub-menu “New Accessories”. Also, items with the fastest shipping services are displayed in this zone.

New Accessories

  1. How can ZAFUL ensure that the costumer will received the same productas its online description? What ensure the respectability of the ZAFUL’s photographer team?
  • provides product images that photography by themselves.
  • ZAFUL guarantees that the chosen product is identical to the counterpart for sale on the website. Thus ZAFUL WOULD NOT selectan identical product which has a better quality for the photography.
  • The ZAFUL’sprofessional process of photography. The photographers team will firstly formulate a plan for photographing, including the location, scene and model, etc; Afterwards they will iron the product, make it clean and tidy; Then they will utilize professional equipment and scene to put the product on its best photogenic angle.

Zaful aims at providing competitive products, and make sure the consistency of image and product. If you agree with this post, share it with your friends.

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