How to properly save leather clothes? There is some tricks you should not miss!

Suddenly the autumn wind starts to blow hard, It’s frozen! It is said that many cities have ushered in the early snow, the jacket and short sleeves will be the best for your fashion and health. What is better than a warm and nice look leather in this fall season? Today, we’ll talk about how to store your leather jackets in a correct way.

① because the leather is mainly composed of protein, so the first thing to store leather is to get rid of the moth and moisture. In order to moth, the collection must be clean and dry and also completely cool-down.

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② Clean washed and fully dried leather clothing, insect repellent, and desiccant are not very necessary, but should never use plastic bags to seal them, especially in humid places, DO NOT seal your leather with plastic bags! You can cover them with a clean cloth. This can keep the leather in a variety of environmental conditions to absorb moisture.

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③ leather clothing in the preservation must take the suspension state, cannot be folded or stacked, avoid the pressure of other clothing.

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④ Dry your leather clothing when the weather is good enough, then store it in the right way.


Did anything above useful to you?  Now let’s take a look at some recommend leathers!

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