How to Find Your Size on ZAFUL

How to Find Your Size on ZAFUL

We’ve all been there, ordered that beautiful dress online, wait for what feels like an eternity until it arrives, and when it does, we discover just one snag, literally, it doesn’t fit! You ask yourself, surely I haven’t put on that much weight since last week!?

Some Zaful reviews reflect a question, that is Zaful’s customers like their products however they are a size too small. This article is aimed to solve the problem like reviews said, and help you find your size on

  • Size and Conversion Tables on

Before we get into it, you should be aware that sizes may vary depending on the country, brand or the seller. To illustrate, we are about to compare a ZAFUL size chart to an H&M size chart, which most likely refers to a universal one, for 3 various kinds of products including dresses, swimwear, and pants.

1.Zaful Swimwear sizes

In light of some customers reflecting Zaful’s swimwear sizes are smaller, we are here to make a brief explanation. First, you should be aware that the range of an identical size vary depending on different sellers, which means Zaful’s M could be H&M’s M or S. For instance, the bust size of Zaful’s M is 34-36, while the counterpart of H&M’s is 36. Also, the bust size of H&M’s S is 34 instead. Therefore, when you are looking for your size, make sure you choose on the basis of your BWH (bust, waist, and hip) measurements as well as Zaful’s Size Guide.

Zaful Size Chart:Zaful Size Chart1

H&M Size Chart:H&M Size Chart1

2.Zaful Dress Sizes

According to the charts below, Zaful’s Dress size seems to be one size smaller than that of H&M’s. For instance, Zaful’s S is similar to H&M’s XS.

Zaful Size Chart:Zaful Size Char2

H&M Size Chart:H&M Size Chart

3.Zaful Pants Sizes

As for Pants sizes, Zaful’s is also one size smaller than H&M’s. It can be seen that Zaful’s M could be an H&M’s S.

Zaful Size Chart:Zaful Size Chart3

H&M Size Chart:H&M Size Chart3

  • Tips To Choose Right Size On

Zaful’s clothes are selected from a variety of brand suppliers, One brand’s ‘S’ could be another brand’s ‘M’, which is a pain. Even when we sent King Joffrey round to each and every one to just yell at people, we still couldn’t enforce the same exact measurement standards.

So, what can you do? There are 3 steps recommended for you:

(1) Check out the Size Guides! They can be found under Product Description. You are encouraged to measure themselves based on the Zaful Size Chart..

All you need is tape, tape, then you can compare with the Size Chart to ensure you’re buying the correct size.

(2) Other country’s sizes differ quite widely with China’s, so be sure to consult the Size Conversion Chart just in case.

 Size Conversion Chart

(3) But if you still fail to ensure you are getting into the right size, you are suggested to click ‘Live Chat’ at the right side of the page, thereby turning to Zaful’s Client Associates for help.

  • Conclusion

ZAFUL understands that mistakes can happen, like sending that selfie to your parents instead of your boyfriend, or using bleach to whiten teeth, but anyway, if you’ve ordered the wrong product, ZAFUL has 24/7 support — Get in touch, and one of our representatives will be glad to go through the return and exchange process with you.

Follow the instructions above, and your clothes will fit like a glove. Check out the NEW ARRIVALS and test the Size Guides yourself.

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