How To Contact Zaful Customer Service

Some Zaful reviews indicate customers can’t contact Zaful customer service efficiently. Here is a general introduction of Zaful customer service, which I hope will guide you to get your problems and questions resolved more quickly.


I recommend you to contact live chat or call us if you want to change the size, remove any item from your order, or something else as urgent as these. The attention that Zaful expedites the processing time and ship the orders as soon as possible. Therefore, if you submit a ticket, they may have already shipped your order when seeing your ticket.

Zaful recommends you to contact Zaful Support Center instead of those staff who work on live chats and phone calls contacting when facing after-sale issues since live chat staff may have limited authorization deal with them.

Contact zaful customer service

Ok, Let us start from the 3 methods for customers to contact zaful’s customer service. Landing on, clicking “Contact us” at the bottom of home page, and the page of Zafuls Contact Us.

1.Phone Call

Zaful’s Hotline is available from 07:30 to 18:00 (UTC +8) every day except holidays. It is a USA helpline number that only provides English phone service. Due to the time difference, it is better to call them in their working hour. Zaful telephone number is +(1)-888-830-0888(USA helpline number). Sometimes the line may be engaged, then please try again later or choose the other 2 contact methods.


Zaful usually contacts customers by email through support centre instead of phone call. Please be cautious about the calls stating they are Zaful customer service and asking for your card or other personal information.

2.Live ChatLive Chat

Zaful’s live chat works 24 hours. You could find it on the right side of zaful home page. Do follow the chat window requirements and you can start to chat with our customer service representatives. leave a note to the representatives when they are offline so that they will send you an email within 24 hours.

3.Messages-Support Center

Before we talk about Support Center, I want to explain what is “ticket”. The ticket is like a file in which the conversation records are stored. We can keep sending messages back and forth until an issue is solved. Generally, one ticket will be handled by one customer service representative and a reply will be received within 24 hours.

  • How to submit a ticket
  1. Please make sure that you have registered and signed in before you submit a ticket, or the sign-in page will interrupt this process.
  2. Go to the page below where you can submit tickets:support center1

2 ways for you to go to the above page.

A: Pls click “Contact us” above page at the bottom of our home page->Support Center->Submit Ticket.

B: Pls put your mouse on “MY ACCOUNT” on the top of our website and click “MY TICKETS”, then you can submit a ticket by clicking “TICKETS” on the top of the above page.

  • Please fill all the necessary information above page carefully and completely, then click “Submit”. A new ticket will be created successfully and a ticket ID will appear.


In this step, many customers quit because they have no order number. Actually, you can place a new order right now without making the payment. That means you can stop after you click “Place your order” and you do not need to put your card information in. You will receive an order number as soon as you click “Place your order”. You can also receive it in your email or check it under the title “My Orders” in your Zaful account.

  • How to check a ticket

customers will receive an email from Zaful once they responsed.

Zaful do not directly show the content of their reply in the email. Instead, they offer a link that customers need to click to get access to the ticket. Sometimes there may be a notice sent by the virus protection software on your computer, just go on opening that link. Please rest assured that it will not get your computer infected with virus.

Please check the screen shot below. That’s the email you will receive.


Zaful will give a reply within 24 hours except during weekends and holidays. Therefore, if you unfortunately do not receive it, please check the spam file of your email or just go to your Zaful account to check for “My tickets”. Here is the page you should go when you are checking for the tickets:

support center2

  • How to reply a ticket

There is something very important that customers should know—please do not response the email you have received directly since we are not able to receive your reply in this way. Please response on the same page where you can see our message. Here is the picture:

support center3

  • How to close a ticket

It is very easy to close the ticket. Once you have checked our reply and your issue has been well resolved, you can close the ticket by clicking “Close&Rating” in the screen shot .


If they ask you to confirm something or they are waiting for your reply, please do not close the ticket after you left a reply, or they may not see your message timely. That will cause the delay of a solution.

At last, thank you for your attention. There are various reasons that might cause delay or make it hard for customers to contact Zaful, but Zaful customer service try they best to serve you in a prompt and efficient manner.

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36 thoughts on “How To Contact Zaful Customer Service

  1. This site is a fucking scam. I ordered two suits, one came that was the wrong size, and the second suit never came. YOU CAN’T EVEN SUBMIT A TICKET BECAUSE THEIR SITE IS ALWAYS BROKEN and no one ever responds to live chat. WHAT A FUCKING WASTE OF MONEY

    1. Hi, dear

      I am sorry about that.
      Can you give me your order number?
      We hope can solve this problem as soon as possible.


  2. I ordered a bathing suit and I must have ordered it while it was out of stock and it says “processing time: item will be shipped out within 7- 15 business days” I ordered on June 26 and I still haven’t gotten it yet. I tried calling and emailing but I never get a reply. When can I expect to get it?

  3. I ordered 3 items two months ago and never received them. I contacted customer service and got no follow up with them. I am beyond disappointed in the customer service and to have not gotten what I spent my money on. Really wish someone with zaful would actually help me with this problem and send anew package like any other store would…

    1. I never received my package either… it’s been almost two months. I spent $50 and I am so disappointed my money was taken but my items were not sent to the right address and when I contacted customer service I never heard back. Awesome… super awesome. I love losing money to scams.

  4. I paid an extra $10 for faster shipping and on feb 6th because I wanted the items for the vacation I took on feb 19th and it’s now the 28th and I’m back from my trip and still didn’t get the items. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS SITE AGAIN AND WILL TELL EVERYONE ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE

    1. Hi, Delia

      I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. Did you receive your order?
      ZAFUL’s total delivery time is processing time + shipping time. the processing time depend on the items of your purchased. the shipping time to US with express shipping is 6-10 business days.
      Could you give me your order number or the link of items you purchased? i will transfer your case to ZAFUL Customer Carer

      ZAFUL Reviews Blog

    1. Hi, Maria

      I’m so so so sorry for missing your comment because your language is not English. Anyway, i will transfer your case to ZAFUL customer service team asap. If your problem has not been solved, log in your zaful account and check the email.

      Sorry again for my fault

      ZAFUL reviews blog

    1. in the common situation, we will contact you with ZAFUL support centre and send an email to you instead of giving you a call. If someone call you and said she is from ZAFUL, please be careful, she may be a scam

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