How to Buy on

How to Buy on

Ⅰ. Who is Zaful?

Zaful is one of the leading brands in online fashion e-commerce aiming to offering fast fashion worldwide. Established as a one-stop online shop, Zaful mainly targets the womenswear market. You can find us at .

Ⅱ. Does Zaful support multiple currencies?

Zaful now offers 17 currency options for customers, including USD, EUR, GBP. You can select your preferred currency from the drop-down list located at TOP RIGHT on each page.zaful


Ⅲ. How to determine your size on

Before we start, you should be aware that sizes may vary depending on the country, brand or the seller. In light of this problem, Zaful provides  Size Guides on its product page.

Furthermore, you can take the following 4 steps:

  1. Find the Sizes Guides on the right side of the product’s photo and clickon the link;
  2. Check the Size Chart, Size Conversion Chart, inches or centimeters given on the product;
  3. Figure out your measurements, and compare them to the table to find your size (ex: S,M, L);
  4. Still not sure the size you are selecting is the right one, please contact Zaful’s online Client Associates by clicking the icon “Live Chat ” at the right corner of your screen.size guide

Ⅳ. How many payment methods are accepted on

  1. These 5 payment methods are accepted on
    1. PayPal
    2. Credit card via Paypal

    (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.) US customers only at the moment.

    1. Credit Card
    2. Western Union

    If you pay via Western Union, you need to provide the following information on Zaful’s  Support Center:

    1) 10 digit control number

    2) Sender’s name

    3) Exact amount you sent

    4) Sender’s address

    5) Your shipping address

    6) Your order number

    7) The country you send from

    8) Receiver’s name

    1. Wire Transfer

    If your order exceeds $1,500, you can contact Zaful’s Client Associates.


Ⅴ. Which shipping methods are available on are the costs and standard shipping times? 

There are currently two shipping methods available on, Standard Shipping and Express Shipping.

Additionally, Zaful’s customers currently enjoy FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on orders over $30 USD, and <free?> EXPRESS SHIPPING on orders over $90 USD.

The shipping time and cost vary depending on different countries, please check the table below for further information: shipping time and cost

Ⅵ. Conclusions

We hope these pre-sales tips will improve your shopping experience with Zaful. If you would like to know more about Zaful’s after-sales services, check out this article on How to Buy on

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